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LQV Wan Chai Internal
LQV Wan Chai - the French wine bar next to your door


Wine & Cheese Platters

With over 2000 wine references, LQV ensures that there is a glass or a bottle to suit every guest; from a total wine novice to a self-confessed wine obsessive. 

You can also pick some cheese and cold cuts from our cheese shop across the street, bring them to the bar and enjoy with wines.


A Wine bar serving best of French wines

LQV Parisian wine bar in Wan Chai holds the concept to explores the best of french wines, artisanal producers & savoir-faire. 

LQV Wan Chai
Enjoy niche French wines with your friends

“At LQV, you can socialise over a bottle, together we share a great time

with friends, enjoying good wine.”

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